When To DIY & When To Buy

I like to DIY as much as the next girl, but our crafty culture seems to forget sometimes that not EVERYTHING is DIY-able by EVERYONE.

With the abundance of tutorials the web has to offer us, it sometimes seems like we can take on anything, but I beg the question…

When does quality come into play?

We each have different skill sets. We each have different strengths and weaknesses. If you value quality, sometimes the better option is to buy from someone who has already perfected their methods.

There is nothing worse than choosing to DIY instead of buying and ending up with something that looks cheap, poorly constructed and sloppy.

Know your limits when it comes to skills, resources and equipment. If you can’t produce something that looks beautifully handmade then pay someone who can. Otherwise your interior will suffer the consequences.

Sure, there are loads of easy DIY’s that just about anyone can master. Sure, anyone can learn to do anything they set their minds to if they put in the time, the effort and the practice required to be great. But, sometimes it’s easier and more feasible to buy from someone who has already put in the time, effort and practice.

Consider also what you really enjoy doing and what you don’t. I see no value in spending your time on a craft you don’t really love.

A great example of this, for me anyway, is upholstery. I thought I would love it. I thought I had the skills to be great at it. I didn’t and I don’t.

Sure, I can handle recovering the occasional chair seat and even a slipcover here and there, but reupholstering an entire chair or sofa… No way! I now know better and leave that job to the pro’s.

By re-evaluating your limitations and your preferences, how could you better support our crafty community through buying from someone whose already perfected their methods?