Haaave You Met… Ginger?

Named after Miss Rogers herself, Ginger was one of the pieces I scored at a movie prop warehouse sale, back in the Spring.

I wish I could tell you which movie she’s from, but I bought over 25 lamps from the seller and in the whirlwind of the moment, we couldn’t keep track of which piece was from which production.

I must say, she was rather unattractive before. From the ugly, square, wood base that sat below her round, metal one (which I promptly removed) to her colouring (dark brown with flecks of gold & orange), she left a lot to be desired. But, just look at her now! A Cinderella story if ever I’ve seen one.

Her mid-section was recoloured in bright, bold, persimmon, which pops against her wood top & golden bottom. Her texture was to-die-for and graciously accepted the new, splashy hue.

Her shade was in perfect condition, shape wise, but in dire need of an update. Now outfitted in a super-luxe, deep brown fabric, boasting flecks of metallic fibres throughout, she looks like a million bucks.

The road to riches was long and winding for Ginger, but maintaining her vintage character, while transforming her into a show stopping, one-of-a-kind statement piece, was well worth the time and effort!

Her presence in your living room would most certainly fetch you some serious style status among jealous onlookers.