Outside Inspiration – Ample Angles

Welcome to a new blog segment!

Outside inspiration is just as is sounds. I’ll be showing you how to take inspiration from the beauty of the outdoors and apply the same principals to your interior.

We’ll be taking inspiration from an array of different sources. From city streets to sweeping landscapes to majestic mountains, valuable design elements can be found in each.

This stunning photo proves that even the simplest building facade can provide inspiration that can be applied to your interior.

What does it teach us?

  1. A greyscale colour combo is far from boring.
  2. Light is powerful.
  3. Angles add mega-interest.

Who wouldn’t want to live here? The simplicity of this room makes it magical.

The top three takeaways?

  1. Black, white & grey warmed up with wood makes for a crisp colour palette that allows you to introduce any other colour in the form of artwork & accessories.
  2. Although you can’t see a window in the photo, the room is bright and airy, allowing shadows to playfully cast on the walls & floor.
  3. Angles rock! From the herringbone wood floor pattern, to the angular furnishings to the sharp angles in the black & white photography, there is a pop of interest everywhere you turn.

Why Being A “Pleasure Delayer” Pays Off

I’m known for being a “pleasure delayer”.

What does that mean?

It means I save the best for last.

Whether it’s the food on my plate or the items in our DVR. I save the one I’m most excited to eat or watch until last, so that I can really savour it.

This practice has translated into my business practices as well. I always make sure that my priority tasks for the day are done before indulging in mindless surfing or my latest addiction… Pinterest.

I don’t allow these guilty pleasures to interfere with my bigger picture. Instead they become a reward for a day well spent.

Why do I do this?

Because I want to enjoy these pleasurable moments to the maximum. I can’t truly enjoy something if I’m stressed about all the things I’m not doing or if I feel that there are items of less excitement to follow. It somehow takes away from the whole experience.

My favourite part of my business is the “making” portion. I love nothing more than to dock my iPhone, get in the zone and do my very best work.

I can’t do that if there’s a mile long list of accounting, advertising, marketing, sales, admin & public relations work to be done.

How does this relate to decorating?

I realized the other day that we’ve been in our new home for over six months and, aside from renovating my studio (p.s. – It looks totally different now!), we haven’t really done any decorating.

How come, you ask?

A number of reasons…

The functions of our rooms have changed numerous times from how we originally thought we would use them. We haven’t had the time or energy to devote to doing it right. I want to collect and find pieces naturally over time and let the space and our joint style continue to reveal itself.

The idea of running out and buying everything we need right away makes me kind of sick because I feel like we’d be purchasing pieces that we don’t really love just for the sake of filling our home and being “done” with decorating.

Not only should you NEVER be “done” with decorating, but I have no desire to fill my home with pieces that are only there to do a job.

I’m delaying the pleasure of decorating by collecting pieces as we see them and planning & revising the design of our space in my head to suit our ever-evolving tastes.

Once all those pieces come together, we’ll enjoy the space so much more than we would one that we put together in a weekend. And, not only will we love it when happens, we’ll love it for years to come because we’ll continuously be adding to it.

It’s so sad to rush through your decorating and buy a bunch of meaningless junk only to discover some of the best pieces ever (the kind that light you up inside), just a few weeks later, and know that you can’t invest in them because you’ve already invested ones that mean far less to you.

How could you improve an area of your life or home by incorporating the practice of “pleasure delaying?”

Christie Antiques Show – Spring 2011

This past weekend we attended the Christie Spring Antiques Show. It was rainy, muddy and a little disappointing in the lamp department.

The show was good and I’m glad I wore my rubber booties. It was full of amazing furniture and vintage treasures, but I came home empty handed.

The lamps that I was expecting to see just weren’t there this year. There were however a some fabulous Sputnik ceiling fixtures that had me salivating…

The shape and style of these chairs were to-die-for but they weren’t in the best condition… Otherwise they’d be sitting in my dining room right now!

This painted glass door was remarkable. I wish I had a place for it because it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind find.

Each little triangle was hand painted. It’s so funny that this vintage find just happens to be so on-trend right now.

Both mine and my guys eyes lit up when we saw this turquoise Vespa… Our only argument would be who gets to drive and who has to ride on the back.

This turquoise dress form was so unique compared to the usual variety. It’s lovely on it’s own, but can you imagine it styled up and sitting pretty in your bedroom or dressing room (if you’re lucky enough to have one)?

Hmmm… I’m sensing a trend… A turquoise trend. We found this gem of an oven on our way home at Robert’s Gallery. His shop used to be located right around the corner from our old apartment and we loved poking our heads in and checking out his latest treasures. Now that he’s moved, it’s a little out of the way, but we always make a point of stopping by when we’re in the area.

So, that’s a wrap folks. I don’t even have any fab lamp photos to share with you. Wish me lamp luck for this weekends event… The Caledonia town-wide garage sale. It’s this little historic town about 45 minutes away from us and I’m betting that it’ll be full of fab lamps! I’ll keep you posted!

Mod Pieces Are Now Available At Freedom Clothing Collective

I’m so excited to announce that you can now find a small selection of Mod Pieces lamps at Freedom Clothing Collective in Toronto!

These are a few shots of the interior which is full of cool clothing & products from other indie designers. You’ll notice Jelena’s pieces sitting pretty in the 2nd shot. I couldn’t resist buying a little something for a friend while I was there!

This is their back garden. They brought in a graffiti artist to create this uber-colourful wall mural for them to brighten up the patio. It is just so fantastic!

Be on the lookout for more photos… I’ll be sharing shots of my lamps as they get incorporated into the store’s displays!

Have you stopped by Mod Pieces lately? There are loads of new (vintage) goodies in store! Don’t forget… Each piece is one-of-a-kind and I never repeat a design, so if you see something you like, snatch it up!

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